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V for Vesta

Genre: Family
Original Title: Vesta-Linnéa
Year: 2022
Duration: 12 x 12′
Original Version: Finland

V for Vesta

Vesta-Linnéa, 8, lives in a sometimes chaotic family with a big brother, two younger sisters and their mother who is single again after being separated from her second husband. As a middle child in such a reconstructed family, Vesta often has to find solutions to her problems on her own. She sometimes feels that she is not getting enough attention. Luckily she is imaginative and creative.

Based on books by Tove Appelgren
Scriptwriter: Annina Enckell
Director: Anna Bloom
Producer: Mats Långbacka /Långfilm and Aurora
Lead Cast: Sophia Heikkilä, Fredrik Hallgren,