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Summer Children

Genre: Family Collection, Drama
Original Title: Sumarbörn
Year: 2017

Original Version: Icelandic/Norway
Duration: 85′
Subtitled in: English

Summer Children

The siblings Eydis and Kari are only five and six years old when their parents’ marriage breaks apart. As their mother struggles to find her footing following the divorce, they are sent temporarily to a countryside children’s home. But the stay turns out to be longer than they had ever expected. From the producer of internationally acclaimed Icelandic lm Ikingut.

Director: Guorun Ragnarsdottir
Writers: Guorun Ragnarsdottir
Cast: Kristjana Elisabet olafsdottir, puriour Blaer Johannsdottir, Johann G. Johannsson, Dagur Ingi Axelsson, Sindri Leon Baldvinsson
Producer: Anna Maria Karlsdottir, Hronn Kristinsdottir
Director of photography: Asgrimur Guobjartsson
Sound: oistein Boassen
Editor: Davio Alexander Corno