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One Summer

Genre: Drama, Comedy
Original Title: Le temps d’un été
Year: 2023
Original Version: Canada
Duration: 126′
Subtitled in: English

One Summer

Marc Côté has been a street chaplain and parish priest for over 25 years, helping the poor and the homeless. He is exhausted from running his church, which doubles as a refuge, and is stressed by the bills it can no longer pay. Marc must face the facts: he will have to shut his church down. Out of the blue, he inherits a property in the countryside. He decides to take a group of homeless people who, like him, need a vacation.

ONE SUMMER is a story woven with laughter and tears… a feel-good tale where sun and clouds meet, leaving viewers with their hearts beating and a delicious taste of hope.

Director: Louise Archambault
Writer: Marie Vien
Producer: Antonello Cozzolino, Brigitte Léveillé

Cast: Patrice Robitaille, Élise Guilbault, Sébastien Ricard, Guy Nadon