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Nicholas Noël: The Magic Books

Genre: Family, Adventure, Christmas
Original Title: Nicolas Noël: Les livres des enfants du monde
Year: 2019

Original Version: Canada
Duration: 76′
Subtitled in: French

Nicholas Noël: The Magic Books

Nicholas Noël prepares the great magical night with the children’s books of the world containing the names of all the children as well as notes on the efforts and achievements of each one. But when one elf Grézille no longer wants to participate in the Christmas magic, the names of the children all disappear from the big books! Lessons are learned about the true meaning of Christmas through the people Grézille meets and the guidance of Nicolas Noël.

Director: Thierry Bouffard

Writers: Louis-Charles Sylvestre, François Tremblay, Daniel Blondin
Cast: Père Nicolas Noël, Louis-Charles Sylvestre, Audrey Gueriguian, Carole Dion
Producers: Louis Grégoire, François Tremblay
Director of photography: Felippe