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Genre: Comedy, adventure, family
Original Title: Kidnapning
Year: 2017
Original Version: Danish
Duration: 81′
Subtitled in: English


KidBusters is an action-packed comedy for the whole family. Bertram has three older siblings and two parents who are down on their luck and can’t pay their rent. After they are evicted from their apartment, their wacky uncle hurls the kids into a scheme of ‘kidnapping’ a rich kid. But things do not go quite as he has planned at all. Based on best selling Danish novel.

Director: Frederik Meldal Noogard
Writers: from Bjarne Reuters book and sreenplay by Frederik Meldal Noogard
Cast: Brian Lykke, Luca Coker, Mette Svane, Alfred Larsen, Samuel Hallas, Anders Brink, Therese Damsgaard, Christian Mosbaek, Kristian Ibler and Gustav Schlager-Johansen
Executive Producer: Regner Grasten