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Genre: Animation, Comedy
Original Title: Heinz
Year: 2018

Original Version: Dutch
Duration: 76′
Subtitled in: English


In the pleasantly deranged universe of Heinz, an orange happy-go-lucky feline freeloader with a short fuse, the fantastic and the ordinary live next door to each other. While doing his babysitting duty as a dad, Heinz loses his baby cat he names the Beaver. Before his girlfriend claims his head, Heinz will go to the end of the world to get his baby back, either chased by foes or helped by friends. Eventually, Heinz will even save the world from an evil alien from yet another disaster, despite his deeply engrained aversion to adventures and thanks more to dumb luck than careful planning or meticulous execution. Based on famous Dutch comic strips and directed by seasoned animator Piet Kroon, who worked on Hollywood pics such as Osmosis Jones, Shrek 2, Despicable Me, the Ice Age franchise and Rio.

Based on the famous strip Heinz by René Windig and Eddie de Jong, published in the Dutch newspaper: Het Parool.

Director: Piet Kroon

Writers: Piet Kroon
Cast: Ruben van der Meer, Ilse Warringa, Tygo Gernandt, Wim T. Schippers,
Producer: Jolande Junte, Burny Bos
Director of photography: