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Clara and the Secret of the Bears

Genre: Family Collection
Original Title: Clara und das geheimnis der bären
Year: 2012
Original Version: german
Duration: 93′
Subtitled in: English

Clara and the Secret of the Bears

Thirteen-year-old Clara lives with her mother and her stepfather on a remote farm in the Swiss Alps. Clara’s sensitivity and her strong connection with nature enable her to see and feel things others cannot perceive. With this unique gift Clara communicates with Susanna, a girl who lived on the farm two centuries ago. Susanna needs Clara to help her protect a bear cub from harm before a curse is unleashed on its perpetrator. But before the two girls succeed to free the bear cub and to restore balance between man and nature in the past, Clara and Thomas have to engage in an equally dangerous adventure in the present day.

Director: Tobias Ineichen
Writer: Jan Poldervaart
Cast: Ricarda Zimmerer, Damian Hardung, Elena Uhlig, Roeland Wiesnekker, Rifka Fehr, Monica Gubser
Producers: Simon Hesse, Valentin Greutert
Director of photography: Michael Schreitel
Art Director: Nina Bachmann
Costume: Birgitta Lohrer-Horres, Carol Luchetta
Sound: Hendrik Luehdorff
Editor: Mike Schaerer
Music: Fabian Römer