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Turtle Island

Genre: Animation, Children’s
Original Title: L’Île de la tortue
Year: 2001
Original Version: French
Duration: 26 x 30′
Dubbed in: English

Turtle Island

Set like a jewel in the turquoise blue waters of the South Seas, Turtle Island is home to King Tiki, the last survivor of the royal dynasty of The Tiki Flying Sea Turtles. Over the centuries, these turtles have collected the most fabulous treasures, now desired by every pirate. Captain Minus and his crew vainly attempt to take over the island. King Tiki and his friends will do everything in their power to protect Turtle Island.

Directors: Norma Denys, Henri Desclez
Writers: Patrice Dard, Eugénie Dard-Viriot, Catherine Guillaud
Producers: Henri Desclez, André-Luc Fragano
Executive Producers: Henri Desclez, André-Luc Fragano
Art Director: Henri Desclez
Music: Stéphane Deschamps