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Random Passage

Genre: Drama
Original Title: Random Passage
Year: 2001
Original Version: English
Duration: 4 x 90′ or 8 x 60′
Dubbed in: French

Random Passage

Random Passage tells a tale of love and survival. It is the story of a woman whose one true commitment is to life itself in a place and time where life and death are a hair’s breadth apart. Her journey takes her from the workhouses of rural Ireland to the squalor of rough-and-tumble St-John’s to the comparative shelter of Cape Random, a remote and exacting outport. All of the Cape’s people are fugitives of one kind or another. Some will change Mary’s life utterly.

Director: John N. Smith
Writer: Des Walsh
Cast: Colm Meaney, Aoife McMahon, Michael Sapieha
Producers: Lorraine Richard, Barbara Doran, Jennice Ripley, Leslie Kelly, Tristan Orpen Lynch
Executive Producers: Louis Laverdière, Vivianne Morin, John Buchanan, Mary Callery, Rod Stoneman
Director of photography: Pierre Letarte
Costume: Michèle Hamel
Sound: Jim Rillie, Nicky Moss
Editor: Jean-Pierre Cereghetti
Music: Stephen McKeon