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Pierre-Elliot Trudeau, Memoirs

Genre: Documentary
Original Title: Pierre-Elliot Trudeau, Mémoires
Year: 1994
Original Version: French, English
Duration: 90′ + 4 x 60′

Pierre-Elliot Trudeau, Memoirs

This remarkable five-part series focuses on the political life of Pierre Elliott Trudeau and also sheds light on recent Canadian history and politics. From part one, where we see the young Trudeau first as a brillant student and later as a wickedly eloquent politician with humanist leanings, to the final episode, which reveals a serene, more restrained Trudeau, the man justly considered to be one of the greatest statesmen Canada has ever produced talks about his political life with admirable candour and passion in interviews notable for a sense of intimacy and openness.

Directors: Brian McKenna, Pierre Castonguay
Writer: Terence McKenna
Producers: Rock Demers, Kevin Tierney
Delegate Producers: Daniel Louis, Lorraine Du Hamel
Director of photography: Daniel Vincelette
Art Director: Violette Daneau
Editors: Susan Shanks, Nancy Gendron, Stéphane Olivier
Music: Osvaldo Montes