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Look and Transform

Genre: Children’s, How-To
Original Title: Transformatruc
Year: 2016
Original Version: French
Duration: 65 x 11′
Subtitled in: English

Look and Transform

Armed with his wonderful talent and overflowing imagination, Tristan tours elementary schools, adding zany touches to their most lifeless corners! The cartoonist, helped by two young accomplices, lets his surroundings inspire him: a banged-up cabinet is transformed into an Egyptian treasure, the library becomes a Medieval castle, a flock of bird-musicians appear in the music room, a giant octopus swallows the door to the gym, and a faded wall becomes a gateway to the age of dinosaurs… With humour, energy and creativity, each episode shrinks the gap between imagination and reality as it unveils a new piece that is totally unique and always surprising.

Directors: Étienne Founier, Jean-François Poisson
Animator: Tristan Demers
Producer: Marie-Élaine Nadeau