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Look and Draw

Genre: Children’s, How-To
Original Title: Dessinatruc
Year: 2013-2014
Original Version: French
Duration: 245 x 2’15”
Subtitled in: English

Look and Draw

Learn to draw with Tristan; it’s fun and easier than you think! Draw a cat’s face with a circle and two triangles… Make a rocket ship out of a milk carton… Look and Draw is a series of capsules in which cartoonist Tristan Demers teaches kids aged 5 to 7 how to draw by using everyday shapes and objects. With wonderful talent and infectious ingenuity, Tristan shows kids how they too can create works of art, magical items that come alive before their eyes in less than two minutes!

Director: Jean-François Poisson
Animator: Tristan Demers
Producer: Julie Lavallée