Jenny, is a journey into the heart of a 13-year-old girl who, in the midst of rehearsing for a dancing competition, is diagnosed with leukemia. Far from being overwhelmed, she discovers rather an impressive force of character that helps her fight her illness, with courage and humour, surrounded by her friends at school and the hospital, as well as her single dad and younger brother.

Genre: Teen drama
Original Title: Jenny
Year: 2017-2019
Original Version: French
Duration: 40 x 13'
Subtitled in: English

Director: Jean-Sebastien Lord
Writers: Pascale Bilodeau, Jean-Sébastien Lord
Cast: Émilie Bierre, Patrice Godin, William Coallier, Mélanie Pilon
Producer: Avenida, Chantal Lafleur

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