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Genre: Teen, Digital, Drama
Original Title: Gamer
Year: 2016
Original Version: French
Duration: 16 x 8′-10′
Dubbed in: English


Justine is a rabid video gamer. Her personal gaming quest receives a big boost when she finishes second in an important competition and gets recruited by the coach of the professional Wendigo team. This is a whole new world for her, with fresh challenges. In particular to dethrone the unbeaten current champions and help her team win the top competition in New York. Being a girl in a culture dominated by guys, doesn’t faze Justine. She’s a rebel. She’s not in it to prove small points, but to win. There are big material rewards… And steep personal prices to pay. With her family, her friends and her teammates. But Justine is a gamer in the full sense of the word.

Director: Patrice Laliberté
Writers: Patrice Laliberté, Charles Dionne
Cast: Elizabeth Adam, Guillaume Cyr, Guillaume Laurin, Mustapha Aramis, Alexis Lemay-Plamondon, Solo Fugère
Producers: Micho Marquis-Rose, Laurie Caron, Julie Groleau