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Vampire High

Genre: Supernatural, Teen/Tween
Original Title: Vampire High
Year: 2001
Original Version: English
Duration: 26 x 26′

Vampire High

Growing up is tough, especially when you are dead! Vampire High is set at Mansbridge Manor, an isolated boarding school that is the last-stop haven for privileged teenagers of the wealthy and influential. That’s the Day School. But a Night School secretly houses a daring experiment to ‘civilize’ vampire teenagers. Visually inventive, character-driven and peppered with biting humour, Vampire High explores the horror story known as adolescence.

Directors: Carl Goldstein, Adam Weissman, Érik Canuel et al
Writers: Laura Kosterski, Mark Shekter, Nancy Trites Botskin, Sherman Shukal
Cast: Jeff Roop, Megan Ory, David Mcllwraith, Joris Jarsky
Producer: Rock Demers, Ronald Gilbert, Mark Shekter, Garry Blye, Ina Fichman
Delegate Producer: Suzanne Dusseault
Directors of photography: Daniel Jobin, Yves Bélanger
Art Director: Jean-François Campeau
Costume: Claire Nadon
Sound: Simon Poudrette
Editor: Annie Ilkow, Benjamin Duffield
Music: Simon Carpentier