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Fergie (series)

Genre: Children’s
Original Title: Gråtass
Year: 2016
Original Version: Norwegian
Duration: 12 x 20′
Subtitled in: English

Fergie (series)

Fergie is no ordinary farm tractor. He does not only belong to a famous brand. More amazingly, he has a heart, a heart that beats for his friends! In this endearing series about the adorable tractor, Fergie will save a baby sheep, transform into a fierce red sports car and create a huge mirror with the help of his friend Gavin. Fun and adventures on the farm are just a tractor ride away!

Director: Peder Hamdahl Næss
Writers: Linda May Kallestein, Jason Tammemägi
Cast: Elias Søvold-Simonsen, Stein Winge, Jeppe Beck Laursen, Dagny Backer Johnsen
Director of photography: Michael Lavelle
Producers: Silje Hopland EikDyveke Bjørkly GraverJacqueline Kerrin, Dominic Wright
Art Director: Patricia Douglas
Costume: Lyn Avery
Sound: Colm Mullally
Editor: Leif Axel Kjeldsen
Music: Lars Kilevold