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Genre: Drama
Original Title: Belle-Baie
Year: 2009-2012
Original Version: French
Duration: 44 x 30′
Subtitled in: English


The announcement of the installation of a toxic waste incinerator at Belle-Baie throws the small coastal town into troubled waters. A strong opposition was organized to counter the arrival of the multinational Sphère-Nette. Margot Paulin, owner of the local “diner” and Ginette Landry, her faithful friend, are at the origin of this raising of shields. The struggle ahead will be particularly destabilizing for Margot; Max Mallet, her youth love, returns after twenty years of absence as promoter of the project…

Directors: Renée Blanchar, Louis Bolduc
Writers: Renée Blanchar, Brigitte d’Amours, Robin-Joël Cool, Georgette LeBlanc
Cast: Pascale Bussières, Jean-François Pichette, Maude Guérin
Producers: Josée Vallée, Cécile Chevrier