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Family Mess

Genre: Drama, Comedy
Original Title: La galère
Year: 2008-2013
Original Version: French
Duration: 62 x 60′
Subtitled in: English

Family Mess

Picture this: the 90’s, four friends get together and decide to write their life aspirations on a piece of paper. They all sign and put the note in a bottle. Fifteen years later, they meet again and decide to break the bottle to read the note again… a rude reality check which reminds them how far they are from their aspirations… until they make the bold decision to achieve one of them: move in together along with their seven children for one year…

Directors: Alexis Durand-Brault, Sophie Lorain
Writers: Renée-Claude Brazeau, Mimi Brazeau
Cast: Hélène Florent, Brigitte Lafleur, Geneviève Rochette, Anne Casabonne
Producers: Josée Vallée, André Béraud