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Family Harmony

Genre: Entertainment
Original Title: Un air de famille
Year: 2012-2014
Original Version: French
Duration: 39 x 60′ + 3 x 90′
Subtitled in: English

Family Harmony

Family Harmony brings together families from across the country to find out which one can strike a chord with all viewers through their song. Families who stand out continue on the path towards the grand finale, where the most popular family from across the country is crowned the season’s favourite. Families are paired with a coach who guides and prepares them for their performance. The families chosen for their voices and their love of the stage become the stars of the season! Family Harmony is the show that takes families’ talents from the living room to the nation’s TV screens!

Directors: Manon Brisebois, Jean-François Fontaine
Content Producer: René Simard
Producers: Ginette Gauthier, Marleen Beaulieu, Richard Speer