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Doggy Day School

Genre: Children’s, Animation
Original Title: Doggy Day School
Year: 2009
Original Versions: Portugese, English, French
Duration: 52 x 11′

Doggy Day School

From the producer of Dragon (Cite Amerique) and the creator of Franny’s Feet (Cathy Moss) comes this brand new animation series set in a usually chaotic daycare center inhabited, unusually, by dogs of all breeds and characters! We will see how men’s (children’s) best friends go through their daily adventures. A multi-cultural series about the four-legs.

Director: Stefan Leblanc
Writer: Cathy Moss
Animation: Lightstar Studios
Producers: Tiago Mello, Greg Dummett, Louise Richard
Executive Producers: Vivianne Morin, Louis Laverdière, Lorraine Richard
Art Director: Carole Roy
Editors: Alessandra Iglesias, Paulo Eduardo Santos, Thiago Salerno
Sound: Serge Hamel – Digilog
Music: Palavra Cantada