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Dancing Gods

Genre: Entertainment, Competition
Original Title: Les dieux de la danse
Year: 2015-2016
Original Version: French
Duration: 28 x 60′
Subtitled in: English

Dancing Gods

Over 13 weeks, 24 duos (couples, friends, family members, and improbable pairs) go crazy and dance until they drop, facing off in a lively and friendly competition. Every week, four of the couples learn and master a different choreography and present it in front of a fired up studio audience and a colourful panel of judges. The couples coming in third and fourth are eliminated, while the top two continue their ascent towards the grand finale, where only one couple will snatch the coveted trophy.

Directors: Sébastien Robineau, Jean-François Blais, Sébastien Hurtubise
Animator: Jean-Philippe Wauthier
Judges: Serge Denoncourt, Nico Archambault, Chantale Lamarre
Producers: Jean-Philippe Dion, Marie-Élaine Nadeau