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Dancing all the Way

Genre: Variety
Original Title: Danser sa vie
Year: 2018-2020

Original Version: French
Duration: 100 X 3′
Subtitled in: English

Dancing all the Way

Everyday chores can be repetitive and dull, especially to a teen (or preteen)! Put on the music and start ‘Flossing’, routine’s becomes fun!!

Join our two creative Youtubers and dance all the way! Work and pleasure done at the same time!


Director: Jean-Sebastien Lord
Writer: Simon Laroche
Producer: Félix Descheneaux
Executive Producers: Marleen Beaulieu, Marie-Élaine Nadeau
Director of photography: Pierre-Étienne Bordeleau
Editor: Guillaume Marin, Léonie Tremblay-Clavette, Étienne Proulx


Alice Morel-Michaud, Massi Mahiou