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Couple with Dog

Genre: Nature
Original Title: On s’aime en chien
Year: 2015- 2018
Original Version: French
Duration: 37 x 30′
Subtitled in: English

Couple with Dog

Couple with Dog is an informative and entertaining magazine that, each week, looks at a not ordinary “couple dynamics”: that of a dog owner, a quidam or a star-personality and his beast well- beloved. The relationship of the couple is challenged by our facilitator, the canine educator Jean Lessard who first made a review, followed by a diagnosis and a proposal for problem solving. Added to this are 3 informative capsules (1 to 2 min each) that do not fail to pique curiosity with their “cool facts” and their content of scientific interest. What provide additional lighting issues addressed (and ideally adjusted!) In each broadcast.


Host: Jean Lessard
Producer: Martine Arsenault