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Genre: Crime
Original Title: Coppers
Year: 2015
Original Version: Flemish
Duration: 13 x 50′
Subtitled in: English


In an ideal world, when a criminal commits a crime he is punished and his victim compensated. But in real life, justice can be truly blind. Liese Meerhout, the no-nonsense head of the police homicide division, isnt’ wearing any blindfold, however, and she isn’t fooled by appearances. She tickles the drums in her off-hours and when she is on the job she knows just the right notes to play to solve even the most stubborn cases.

Directors: Maarten Moerkerke, Jeroen Dumoulein
Cast: Hilde De Baerdemaeker, Luk Wyns, Lotte Pinoy, Bert Verbeke, Joris Hessels, Arnold Willems
Producers: Jan Creuwels, Johan Smetrijns
Executive Producer: Dirk Impens
Directors of photography: Geert Verstraete, Christophe Nuyens
Costume: Tine Deseure
Sets: Johan Van Essche
Sound: Nadine Lowette
Editors: Koen Timmerman, Mathieu Depuydt