Santa’s Little Secrets

How does Father Nicolas Noël go through the chimneys and go around the world in one night? How many reindeers pull his sled? Why does Rudolph have a red nose? Does the great book of wise children really exist? Does Santa take a vacation? It is the authentic Santa Claus who answers all these intriguing questions - and many more - in the newest series. In a magical universe, accompanied by Grésille, a mischievous and sensitive elf, Nicolas Noël tells the mysteries that surround the magic of Christmas. Young and old alike will be dazzled, amazed and touched by his fantastic tales and catchy songs.

Genre: Children's, Holidays
Original Title: Les plus grands secrets de Nicolas Noël
Year: 2016
Original Version: French
Duration: 24 x 5'
Subtitled in: English

Director: Dominique Jean, Jason R. Arbour
Writers: Dominique Jean, François Tremblay, Daniel Blondin
Cast: Nicolas Noël, Grésille, Bianca Natale, Frédérique Gagnon
Executive Producer: Louis Grégoire, François Tremblay
Director of photography: Alan Catto, André Bédard
Costume: Denise Ménard
Sound: Jérôme Boiteau
Editor: Jason Arbour
Music: François Tremblay

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