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Genre: Famille
Titre original: De Wilde stad
Année: 2018

Version originale: Netherlands
Durée: 86′
Sous-titres: Anglais


A cat called Abatutu takes us on an eye opening exploration of the wilder, often hidden side of his home city, Amsterdam. We discover that the bustling, historic capital of the Netherlands is not only a home to colourful human beings, but also to a rich and varied range of wildlife. Abatutu turns urban nature into a humorous and engaging experience for the whole family. You won’t look at Amsterdam, or even your own city, in the same way again! From acclaimed wildlife filmmakers.




Réalisateur: Mark Verkerk
Auteur: Trui van de Brug
Producteur: Ignas van Schaick
Directeur de la photographie: Michel Sanderson



Abatutu, le chat