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All I want for Christmas

Genre: Family
Original Title: Julemandens datter
Year: 2018
Original Version: Denmark
Duration: 93′
Subtitled in: English

All I want for Christmas

Way way up north, young girl Lucia, who is the daughter of none other than Father Christmas, goes to the International Christmas School. Lucia wants to become Father Christmas one day herself, but girls are not allowed. In order to realise her dream and prove her worth, she will have to accomplish an impossible (well, almost) task.


Director: Christian Dyekjaer

Writers: Uffe Rorbaek
Producer: Morten Rasmussen, David C.H. Osterbog
Director of photography: Heiko Sikka
Sound: Christian Eidnes Andersen
Editor: Morten Egholm




Martin Buch, Mial Lyhne, Ella Testa Kusk, Peter Sejer Winther