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Vincent and Me

Genre: Family Collection, Fantasy
Original Title: Vincent et moi
Year: 1990
Original Version: French, English
Duration: 100′
Dubbed in: Spanish, Italian, German

Vincent and Me

What happens when modern-day Jo meets 1890s Van Gogh? Jo studies painting at an art school. A mysterious European buys her drawings which he later sells as authentic Van Gogh material. Should Jo go to Amsterdam and catch the art dealer or, better still, go right to the source and speak to Vincent himself in 19th century Arles?

Director: Michael Rubbo
Writer: Michael Rubbo
Cast: Techky Karyo, Nina Petronzio, Christopher Forrest
Producers: Rock Demers, Claude Nedjar
Director of photography: Andreas Poulsson
Sets: Anne Galéa, Suzanne Labrecque, Michèle Nolet
Editor: André Corriveau
Music: Pierick Houdy