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Tom Sawyer and his Friends

Genre: Family Collection, Adventure
Original Title: Tom und Hacke
Year: 2012
Original Version: German
Duration: 98′
Subtitled in: English

Tom Sawyer and his Friends

After his parents’ death, Tom lives with his aunt who works as a seamstress to support the family. One day, he brakes the sewing machine. Later on, he witnesses a murder committed by a notorious crook. Fearing his revenge, he vows to remain silent but his conscience is not at ease as an innocent man is blamed for the murder. Together with his friends, Tom embarks on a dangerous adventure. Will the children succeed in outwitting the vilain? Based on the best-seller written by Mark Twain.

Director: Norbert Lechner
Writer: Rudolf Herfurtner
Cast: Benedikt Weber, Xaver Maria Brenner, Franziska Weisz, Fritz Karl, Julia Forstner
Producer: Norbert Lechner
Director of photography: Namche Okon
Art Director: Didi Richter
Costume: Katja Krannich
Sound: Clemens Becker
Editor: Manuela Kempf
Music: Martin Unterberger