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The Last Casino

Genre: Drama
Original Title: The Last Casino
Year: 2004
Original Version: English
Duration: 93′
Subtitled in: French

The Last Casino

The Last Casino tells the story of a gambling-addicted math professor who falls from the good graces of a vicious moneylender. Out of desperation the professor recruits three uniquely talented graduate students: Scott, Elyse and George, teaching them the art of counting cards in order to free him from his debt.

Director: Pierre Gill
Writer: Steven Westren
Cast: Charles Martin Smith, Katharine Isabelle, Kris Lemche, Julian Richings, Albert Chung
Producers: Greg Dummet, Madeleine Henrie
Executive Producer: Vivianne Morin
Director of photography: Bernard Couture
Art Director: Jean-François Campeau
Costume: Annie Duford
Sound: Yvon Benoît
Editor: Sylvain Lebel
Music: Martin Roy