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The Young Magician

Genre: Family Collection, Fantasy
Original Title: Le jeune magicien
Year: 1986
Original Version: French, English
Duration: 106′
Dubbed in: Spanish, Italian

The Young Magician

One day, Peter discovers that he can move objects without touching them! However, he doesn’t have total control over his magical powers. With the help of another young genius, Peter learns to concentrate and ultimately uses his special gift to save his entire city from destruction.

Director: Waldemar Dziki
Writer: Waldemar Dziki
Cast: Rusty Jebwab, Edward Garson, Natasza Maraszek
Producers: Rock Demers, Michal Szerbic
Director of photography: Wit Dabal
Art Directors: Violette Daneau, Jerzy Sajko, Andrzej Przedworski, Andrzej Halinski
Editor: André Corriveau
Sound: Claude Langlois
Music: Krzesmir Debski