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The Time Thief

Genre: Family, Fantasy
Original Title: L’arracheuse de temps
Year: 2021

Original Version: French
Duration: 113′
Subtitled in: English

The Time Thief

In 1988, in Saint-Élie-de-Caxton, an 11 year old boy is worried for his grandmother’s life. Worn out by an illness, the old storyteller tries to convince her grandson that Death no longer exists. Her story will bring back to life the extraordinary people from the village in 1927 who, by using incredible tricks, will eliminate Death that threatens them. From now on, death will coincide with the birth of legends

Director: Francis Leclerc
Writers: Fred Pellerin
Cast: Jade Charbonneau, Marc Messier, Céline Bonnier, Guillaume Cyr, Émile Proulx-Cloutier, Oscar Desgagnés, Michèle Deslauriers, Maire-Ève Beauregard, Pier-Luc Funk, Sonia Cordeau, Geneviève Schmidt
Producers: Antonello Cozzolino
Director of photography: Steve Asselin