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The Great Land of Small

Genre: Family Collection, Fantasy
Original Title: C’est pas parce qu’on est petit qu’on peut pas être grand
Year: 1987
Original Version: French, English
Duration: 93′

The Great Land of Small

A land where it doesn’t matter how big you are, just how big you dream. Two children journey with an invisible being Fritz through the rainbow, to the Great Land of Small, where they meet some very strange characters and get into a lot of trouble. A tale filled with humour, special effects and magical encounters.

Director: Vojtech Jasny
Writer: David Sigmund
Cast: Gilles Pelletier, Karen Elkin
Producer: Rock Demers
Delegate Producer: Lorraine Du Hamel
Director of photography: Michel Brault
Art Director: Violette Daneau
Costume: Michele Hamel
Sound: Serge Beauchemin
Editor: Helene Girard
Music: Guy Trepanier & Normand Dube