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The Custody

Genre: Drama
Original Title: La Garde
Year: 2013
Original Version: French
Duration: 91′
Subtitled in: English

The Custody

A father, separated from his teenage son, will do everything to get him back. The son will do everything to get away, until a dramatic event forces them to take another look at each other.

Director: Sylvain Archambault
Writers: Ian Lauzon, Daniel Diaz, Ludovic Huot
Cast: Antoine L’Écuyer, Paul Doucet, Sandrine Bisson
Producers: Lorraine Richard, Luc Martineau
Delegate Producer: Martha Fernandez
Executive Producers: Daniel Proulx, Richard Speer, Josée Vallée
Director of photography: Christophe Graillot, Jérôme Sabourin
Art Director: Patrice Bengle
Costume: Guy Lemieux
Sound: Jean-Philippe Bérubé, Christian Rivest, Stéphane Bergeron
Editor: Yvann Thibaudeau, Véronique Chaput
Music: Michel Corriveau