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The Crocodiles

Genre: Family Collection, Action/Adventure
Original Title: Die Vorstadtkrokodile
Year: 2009
Original Version: German
Duration: 90′
Subtitled in: English
Dubbed in: French, Spanish

The Crocodiles

Ten-year-old Hannes lives with his single mom. His greatest dream is to become a member of “The Crocodiles” – the coolest gang in the world. To enter the group, he must accept a dare that turns out completely wrong. He’s saved in extremis by Kai, a boy in a wheelchair. Kai desperately wants to be a Crocodile too, but the other kids just make fun of him. One night, Kai witnesses a burglary and suddenly the gang is interested in him after all. He will help the gang in exchange of their acceptance. With Kai’s help and their typical resourcefulness, courage and ingenuity, the Crocodiles set about cracking the case and taking on the dangerous gang of burglars…

Director: Christian Ditter
Writer: Christian Ditter
Cast: Nick Romeo Reimann, Fabian Halbig, Manuel Steitz, Leonie Tepe, Axel Stein, Jacob Matschenz, Oktay Oezdemir, Nora Tschirner, Smudo, Maria Schrader, Martin Semmelrogge, Ralf Richter
Producers: Christian Becker, Anita Schneider, Lena Olbrich, Martin Moszkowicz
Director of photography: Christian Rein
Editor: Ueli Christen