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The Crocodiles: All for One

Genre: Family Collection, Action/Adventure
Original Title: Die Vorstadtkrokodile 3
Year: 2011
Original Version: German
Duration: 85′
Dubbed in: English, French, Spanish

The Crocodiles: All for One

On his birthday, nothing is the way it should be for Hannes. He’s in trouble with his girlfriend Maria, as he would rather share exciting adventures with the rest of the Crocodiles, like they used to. He’s thrilled by the gang’s gift: a Go-Kart race! But the race will turn sour when Frank’s kart is turned upside down. The diagnosis is not good: Frank has a ruptured liver and needs a partial liver donation from a close relative. The only possible donor is Frank’s older brother Dennis, who has been behind bars since months… In the end, the Crocodiles will come through once again, mastering their most dangerous and also last adventure – a breathless white-knuckle struggle for survival!

Director: Wolfgang Groos
Writers: Christian Ditter, Thomas Bahmann, Ralf Hertwig, Peter Thorwarth
Cast: Nick Romeo Reimann, Nora Tschirner, Jacob Matschenz, Axel Stein, Fabian Halbig, Leonie Tepe, Manuel Steitz, Ella-Maria Gollmer, Javidan Imani, Robin Walter, David Hürten, Nicolas Schinseck
Producers: Christian Becker, Lena Schömann
Delegate Producer: Oliver Nommsen
Director of photography: Bernhard Jasper
Art Director: Thorsten Sabel
Sound: Stephan Fandrych
Editor: Ueli Christen, Sandy Saffeels, Martin Wolf