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The Case of the Witch who Wasn’t

Genre: Drama
Original Title: Pas de répit pour Mélanie
Year: 1990
Original Version: French, English
Duration: 95′
Dubbed in: Spanish

The Case of the Witch who Wasn’t

Two girls befriend a mysterious old lady who is called a “witch” by all the other kids in the village. When the old lady’s jewels and her beloved bay pig are stolen, the kids go on a mission to solve the crime and save the old lady from being shut up in a retirement home.

Director: Jean Beaudry
Writer: Stella Goulet
Cast: Marie-Stéfane Gaudry, Kesnamelly Neff, Vincent Bolduc, Madeleine Langlois, Alexandre Neszvecsko, Paul Dion, Clément Cazelais, Johanne-Marie Tremblay, Camille Cyr-Desmarais, Ellery Picard, Ghyslain Tremblay, Jocelyn Berube, Claire Pimpare, Capucine Powers, Marc Desourdy
Producer: Prductions La Fête – Rock Demers
Delegate Producer: Lorraine Duhamel
Director of photography: Eric Cayla
Art Director: Vianney Gauthier
Costume: Hugette Gagné
Sets: Claudine Charbonneau & Jean Kazemirchuk
Sound: Serge Beauchemin
Editor: Helene Girard
Music: Jean Corriveau