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The Boy Who Looks for Gold

Genre: Family Collection
Original Title: Toni Goldwascher
Year: 2007
Original Version: German
Duration: 89′
Subtitled in: English

The Boy Who Looks for Gold

A few years after the end of World War II near a small village lives Toni Sedlacek, kown as Toni Goldwascher. Toni lives near the river and loves searching for gold, just like his grandfather used to do. When he really finds gold in the cove, other village kids go out to try their luck – and out of the sandbank, they dig out something much more explosive than gold: an old carbine and ammunition, buried there at the end of the war…

Director: Norbert Lechner
Writer: Rudolf Herfurtner
Cast: Lorenz Strasser, Florain Schlegl, Annemarie Lechner, Luis Huber, Maria Brendel, Leopold Hornung
Producer: Norbert Lechner
Executive Producer: Dieter Horres
Director of photography: Maximilian Plettau
Art Director: Tanja Hammerl
Costume: Walter Schwarzmeier
Sets: Julia Panholzer
Sound: Arnd Möller
Editors: Manuela Kempf, Norbert Lechner
Music: Martin Unterberger