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Genre: Drama, Thriller, Suspense
Original Title: Shadowtown
Year: 2020

Original Version: English
Duration: 90′


Set in Iceland during a real estate frenzy, a Canadian medical student inherits an old house from a schizophrenic grandmother she didn’t know existed. Under pressure from real estate developers to sell the house, she starts receiving messages from a mysterious source urging her to look into her family’s past before it’s too late.  Her discoveries reveal a long-hidden family tragedy, raise questions about her grandmother’s death and ultimately put her own life in danger.

Director: Jon Einarsson Gustafsson, Karolina Kewicka
Writers: Jon Einarsson Gustafsson, Karolina Kewicka
Cast: Brittany Bristow, John Rhys-Davies, Kolbeinn Arnbjörnsson, Edda Jörgvinsdottir, Ingamaria Eyjolfsdottir
Producers: Jon Einarsson Gustafsson, Karolina Kewicka, Lief Bristow
Director of photography: Kristin Fieldhouse