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Romy’s Salon

Genre: Comedy, Drama
Original Title: Romy’s Salon
Year: 2019

Original Version: Dutch
Duration: 92′
Subtitled in: English

Romy’s Salon

Romy’s mother has to work a lot. That’s why Romy goes to her grandmother every day after school. If you think that sounds like fun, then you’re wrong, because Grandma Stine is very busy working in her hairdressing salon and is very strict. But everything changes when Romy discovers a totally different side to her grannie’s character. Latest collaboration between Dutch family film powerhouse Bosbros and director Mischa Kamp (Winky’s Horse, Where is Winky’s Horse).

Director: Mischa Kamp

Writers: Tamara Bos
Cast: Vita Heijmen, Beppie Melissen, Noortje Herlaar, Guido Pollmans
Producer: BosBros (NL) Jolande Junte, Burny Bos

Co-Producer : Leitwolf Filmproduktion (DE) Anette Unger