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Orps – The Movie

Genre: Family Collection
Original Title: Orps
Year: 2009
Original Version: Norwegian
Duration: 96′
Subtitled in: English
Dubbed in: Spanish

Orps – The Movie

ORPS – The Movie is about five friends who play in a school band. When the new ambitious school conductor unjustly eliminates them, they decide to form their own marching band. Together with the help of Morris, the marching band’s former conductor and tomboy Jannik, they are determined to win the Championships title. Can they beat all the odds? With great eagerness and enthusiasm, they will excite and inspire everybody including themselves!

Director: Atle Knudsen (feature debut)
Writer: Kjetil Indregard
Cast: August Ekanger, Ann-Kristin Somme (TRIGGER), Cecilie Mosli, Henrik Mestad, Oriana Brut-Christensen, Sol Elisabeth Sifsdatter Larsen, Moin Deljou
Producer: Olav Øen for Monster Film
Director of photography: Hans Erik Lindbom
Editor: Finn Krogvig
Music: Sindre Hotvedt