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Moving Sands

Genre: Documentary
Original Title: Moving Sands
Year: 2003
Original version: English
Duration: 50′

Moving Sands

Moving Sands is a story of tempests, marauders, shipwrecks and ghosts. Part fiction, part documentary, this is the unlikely epic of 500 years of history and 43 km of sand: Sable Island. This fragile yet tenacious crescent lies only 150 km from the shores of Nova Scotia. For most travellers, however, this legendary island remains inaccessible. Director Philippe Baylaucq takes us on an unforgettable journey into the heart of the paradox that is Sable Island. A shimmering utopia for some, the “graveyard of the Atlantic” to many, this shifting strip of sand and grass is both abundant and desolate, idyllic and stormy, beautiful yet terrible.

Director: Philippe Baylaucq
Writer: Philippe Baylaucq
Cast: François Bessette, Anik Matern, Anick Michaud, Amanda Tilson, Hugo Turgeon
Producer: Germaine Wong
Director of photography: Serge Ladouceur
Editor: Dominique Sicotte