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Max Minsky and Me

Genre: Family Collection
Original Title: Max Minsky und ich
Year: 2007
Original Version: German
Duration: 94′
Subtitled in: English
Dubbed in: French, Spanish

Max Minsky and Me

Nelly is a highly intelligent and no-nonsense girl. Her only friends are her books and she idolises the prince of Luxembourg who shares her passion for the outer space. At the news that her school basketball team is going to compete in Luxembourg, she drops her books and jumps on the basketball training ground. 16-year-old Max Minsky is ready to make a deal with her: she does his homework, he teaches her how to play basketball. The trouble is she is turning 13 and she is Jewish: she has to prepare for her Bat Mitzvah.
Will she follow her heart or mind? Will she find her prince? Adapted from best-selling novel.

Director: Anna Justice
Writer: Holly-Jane Rahlens
Cast: Zoe Moore, Emil Reinke, Adriana Altaras, Jan Josef Liefers, Monica Bleibtreu
Producer: Maria Köpf
Director of photography: Ngo The Chau
Art Director: Andreas Olshausen
Costume: Beate Scheel
Sound: Arno Wilms
Editor: Uta Schmidt