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Genre: Family Collection
Original Title: Mariken
Year: 2000
Original Version: Dutch
Duration: 90′ or 4 x 25′
Subtitled in: English


Mariken is a beautiful and elegant mediaeval fairytale. An exciting and gripping adventure about a wayward, strong and exceptional girl. Mariken is an orphan who lives in a secluded forest with an eccentric old hermit in the Middle Ages. No one knows where she came from. He teaches little Mariken all about the outside world using a colorful but cynical book entitled “Mankind is a Farce”. The milk of their goat is enough for their daily meal. One day, she sets off for town to buy a new goat. On her adventurous journey into the “real world” she meets funny, evil and caring people and she finds out about the good and bad sides of them.

Director: André van Duren
Writers: Peter van Gestel, Kim van Kooten
Cast: Laurien van den Broeck, Willeke van Amelrooy, Kim van Kooten and Jan Decleir
Producer: Hans de Weers
Director of photography: Steve Walker
Sets: Dirk Debou
Editor: René Wiegmans
Music: Mark van Platen