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Genre: Thriller/Suspense, War, Drama
Original Title: Oblawa
Year: 2012
Original Version: Polish
Duration: 96′
Subtitled in: English


Late autumn 1943. Wydra (Otter), a Polish partisan, catches an informer in a nearby village and brings him to his starving unit in the forest. Here, he discovers all his comrades with their throats cut. While he is still under shock, his prisoner escapes. Wydra wants revenge, but who is responsible for the massacre? In flashback, the secret is revealed little by little, along with the story of four people: the commander of the unit, the informer, his wife and the partisans’ nurse.

Manhunt is a brilliantly interwoven drama about truth and treachery.

Director: Marcin Krzysztalowicz
Writer: Marcin Krzysztalowicz
Cast: Marcin Dorocinski, Maciej Sthur, Sonia Bohosiewicz, Weronika Rosati
Producer: Skorpion Arte sp. z o.o. – Malgorzata Jurczak
Director of photography: Arek Tomiak
Editors: Adam Kwiatek, Wojciech Mrówczynski
Art Director: Grzegorz Skawinski