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The Hidden Fortress

Genre: Family Collection
Original Title: La forteresse suspendue
Year: 2001
Original Version: French, English
Duration: 95′
Dubbed in: Italian, Spanish

The Hidden Fortress

Amidst the peaceful beauty of Black Lake, two groups of teens are carrying on an organized war game. The former group masters the art of ambush while their feathered “enemies” have a well-kept secret: the palatial tree house perched high that will rise above the pettiness of both clans. Harmony remains the greatest conquest of all.

Director: Roger Cantin
Writer: Roger Cantin
Cast: Matthew Dupuis, Roxanne Gaudette-Loiseau, Xavier Dolan-Tadros, Patrick Labbé
Producers: Rock Demers, Chantal Lafleur
Director of photography: Allen Smith
Editor: Simon Sauvé
Music: Milan Kymlicka