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My Very Own Circus

Genre: Family
Original Title: Mon Cirque à Moi
Year: 2020
Original Version: Canada
Duration: 100′
Subtitled in: English

My Very Own Circus

Born into a circus family, 12-year-old Laura has spent much of her young life on tour with her single father, Bill, a professional clown. But, secretly, she longs for a less hectic life. It’s thanks to her new teacher, who recognizes her academic potential, that Laura gets to fulfill her dream: attendance at a private high school… Can free spirit Bill accept that the apple of his eye has fallen so far from the paternal tree?


Director: Miryam Bouchard

Writers: Martin Forget, Miryam Bouchard
Producer: Antonello Cozzolino
Director of Photography: Ronald Plante, CSC


Patrick Huard, Sophie Laurin, Jasmine Lemée, Robin Aubert, Mathilde Boucher, Louise Latraverse, Jean Lapointe