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Invisible Sue

Genre: Adventure, Family, Sci-Fi
Original Title: Invisible Sue
Year: 2018

Original Version: German
Duration: 95′
Subtitled in: English

Invisible Sue

When young girl Sue gets in contact with a liquid invented by her mother, a scientist, she is suddenly able to become invisible. Shortly after though, her mother is abducted. With the help of her friends and empowered by her newly gained invisibility skill, Sue will set to hunt down the kidnappers and rescue her mother.

Director:Markus Dietrich

Writers: Markus Dietrich
Cast: Ruby M. Lichtenburg, Anna Shirin Habedank, Lui Eckardt, Victoria Mayer, Luc Schiltz, Jeanne Werner, Patrick Hastert
Producer: Marcel Lenz, Guido Schwab
Director of photography: Raf Noack
Sound: Marc Meusinger
Editor: Sebastian Thümler