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The Amazing Wiplala

Genre: Family Collection, Fantasy
Original Title: Wiplala
Year: 2014
Original Version: Dutch
Duration: 100′
Subtitled in: English
Dubbed in: English, French

The Amazing Wiplala

Young Johannes’ “Wiplala” is no imaginary friend, he’s as real as a four-inch-tall wizard can be. Wiplala befriends the family until he shrinks all of its members. Oops… the spell can’t be undone! Thrills and adventure ahead!

Director: Tim Oliehoek
Writer: Tamara Bos
Cast: Geza Weisz, Sasha Mylanus, Kee Ketelaar, Peter Paul Muller, Paul Kooij
Producers: Burny Bos, Mieke de Bruijn
Delegate Producer: Ruud van der Heyde
Executive Producer: Brigitte Kerger-Santos
Director of photography: Rolf Dekens
Art Director: Barbara Westra
Sound: François Dumont
Editor: Bert Jacobs
Music: André Dziezuk