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The Life of Charles Pathé

Genre: Documentary
Original Title: V’la l’cinéma
Year: 1994
Original Version: French
Duration: 120′
Dubbed in: English

The Life of Charles Pathé

This made-for-TV drama from France examines the life and times of Charles Pathe, the producer and entrepreneur who became one of the pioneering figures of the French film industry. The film examines the ups and downs of Pathe’s career, as well as his encounters with American film trailblazer George Eastman and legendary French comedian Max Linder.

Director: Jacques Rouffio
Writer: Jean Gruault, Jacqueline Lefèvre, Jacques Rouffio
Cast: Didier Bezace, Yves Jacques, Isabelle Gélinas, Ronald Guttman
Costume: Natasha Francotte
Set: Véronique Melery
Sound:  Pascal Jasmes
Music: Milan Kymlicka